Our next “New Tracks Meetup” will be Saturday, March 27, 2021 at 7pm Eastern, 4pm Pacific.

Join Zoom Meeting: For security reasons the link is hidden. To obtain the link please contact us.

Featured Modeler, Patrick Grace from Scotland

“Build Along With Clark” Presented by Clark Kooning MMR

Trolley Modeling Presented by Fred Cosgrove

Scenic Elements Presented by Dave Silvernail

Techniques used when building model kits Presented by Rick & Maureen of Hunter

To insure the smooth running or our Meetups on Zoom the following additional rules have been implemented. If you do not feel capable of adhering to these rules, you may watch the stream on YouTube. There is a chat function on YouTube and we do monitor it.1) To avoid unwanted and unintentional interruptions. ALL attendees are required to be muted unless speaking. It is further required to remute when finished speaking.
2) To insure who you are and avoid bots, spammers, and bombers. All attendees are required to have their camera active. This allows the room attendants to see you.
3) In order to better identify attendees separately. All attendees are required to have differentiated names. You must use your actual first name and an identifier, your last name or your city are two suggestions. 
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