Saturday, June 19th, 2021 at 7 pm EDT, 4 pm Pacific.

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Saturday, June 19 Meetup

My name is Jim Kellow
Welcome to “New Tracks” Meetup.
“Where Mentors Help Modelers Build”

Thanks for coming, come back often, & tell your friends.

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To make sure your friends can attend please forward the log-in link to them.

We have a new Webmaster. Philip Smith and a backup with Ken Ninomiya who will be taking over for John Frankforther at the end of June. Please welcome them to our team!

3. Next “My Build” is June 26 with Moderator Jeremy Wyant taking over for Chris Course this summer.

4. Quick Tips with Paul Thompson Ted Becker is filling in.

5. Special Segments:
“I Got a Question”. Go to the website & fill out the form
Rick & Maureen Hunter “Build Along” of Hunterline Kit,
Andy Keeney “Andy’s Op Corner”,

6. Our Featured Modeler is: Clark Kooning MMR discussing Fast Tracks

7. Our next ZOOM “New Tracks Meetup” is Wednesday, June 23 with our Featured Modeler is: Peter Mack APMM member. our Special Segments include: Martin Breckbiel MMR Scratchbuilding a car;
Bill Davis “Build Along” of a LaBelle Kit;
Jamie Bothwell,  Passenger Car Underbody Details;
Earl Hackett making 3 D prints;

8. Please visit our website NewTracksModeling .com for more information on our upcoming shows and activities. Send me an email with your comments and ideas for the show. Thanks for coming. Hope you learned something and enjoyed the show. Happy modeling.