Wednesday, May 5th, 2021 at 7 pm Eastern, 4 pm Pacific.

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Saturday May 5   Meetup agenda

Welcome  to “New Tracks” Meetup. Thanks for coming, come back often, & tell  your friends


  1. Register at web site New Tracks Don’t forget to confirm registration by replying to the email.

To make sure your friends can attend please forward the log in link to  them.

Need Help producing our shows Phil Edholm will train you. Please help.


  1. BUILD ALONG projects

Bob Farquhar and Dale Rush Blair Line Structure, started 4/17   My Build 5/29

Gaylord Gill & Randy Bosscher & Bar mills started  on  4/17,,   My Build 5/29


Starting in a month Rick & Maureen Hunter starting  Hunterline 30 ft. King Trust bridge,  on May 22  My Build 7/24

Bill Davis starts 6/2  building a LaBelle Open Platform baggage car HO3 and O352 LaBelle numbers with a 25% discount on the kit if you mention “New Tracks” when you order.

Dave Rarig starts building 7/17 a free to download Card  Model an Engine House designed By Paul Egri. The model will be posted on my website in late June to download.  A scale chart is provided to download it in all scales.

This Fall

Martin Brechbiel MMR  building a Leadville Designs kit starting 9/22.  Kit and discount to be announced soon.

Bill Davis and Steve Milley’s Rail Scale Models starting Oct 16

Motrack Models Build Along. 4 modelers building same model in 4 scales N HO S O scales. Starting Oct 20. Kit and discount go be announced soon.

Banta Models is  the manufacture.  Clark Kooning is the builder of the kit which will be announced soon with discount  in HO or O scale start date Dec 1.

  1. Starting New Segment: “Watch My Build” started 4/28 with the first modeler John Frankforther building an S Scale scratchbuild bridge

Nick Santo building an Accurail model starting this fall


Need more

If you are interested let me know.  All skill levels encouraged.  WHY?  You can teach others and just maybe get some constructive comments that will help your modeling). This is a new segment so contact me with tour interest and help me develop it.

  1. Starting another new segment called “Remember Building Old Kits”.

Charles Rausch MMR starting 7/14 building.

Martin Breckbiel MMR to be announced

Anyone else.  Contact me.

And “Going to the Hobby Shop“. Talking to two shops. Hope to start soon. .


5.  Next My Build May 29. Open to everyone with special sessions for  Bob Farquhar and Gaylord Gill  and Randy Bosscher  Build Along modelers. Bar Mills giving a $25.00 credit on next kit to winner of raffle of those  people who show their model of the Bar Mills 1-Kit. .


  1. Quick Tips with Paul Thompson

Thanks to Ted Becker for doing this for Paul the last Wednesday of each month.


  1. Special Segments

Martin Breckbiel MMR scratchbuilding

John Frankforther “Watch  Me Build” an S Scale  scratchbuilt Bridge.


  1. Our Featured Modeler is Tammy Hersh of the  Toy Train Museum, of the TCA,


  1. Our next ZOOM “New Tracks Meetup” is Wednesday May 8 with  our Featured Modeler is  Nolan Brunson and his  HO layout and special segments with Bob Farquhar “Build Along of Blair line Kit

Gaylord Gill & Randy Bosscher “Build Along” of Bar Mills 1-Kit

Dave Silvernail Scenery Rocks and Weathering.


Thanks for coming. Hope you enjoyed show & learned something

1) To avoid unwanted and unintentional interruptions. ALL attendees are required to be muted unless speaking. It is further required to remute when finished speaking.
2) To insure who you are and avoid bots, spammers, and bombers. All attendees are required to have their camera active. This allows the room attendants to see you.
3) In order to better identify attendees separately. All attendees are required to have differentiated names. You must use your actual first name and an identifier, your last name or your city are two suggestions. 


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