30′ King Post Bridge 

Beginning May 22, 2021, Rick and Maureen Hunter will be building and weathering their Hunterline kit of a 30′ King Post Bridge.  They will be building the S Scale version. The kit is available in N, HO, S, and O.  

Join Maureen and Rick from Hunterline, as they take you through, step by step instructions, to build your own Hunterline 30’ King Post Truss Bridge in your scale

Skills to learn: read templates and instructions, distressing basswood, staining and gluing techniques, assembly, drilling for rods, NBW installing, finish weathering techniques. This is a beginner to intermediate difficulty. Old pros can learn a few things too!


Recommended Tool List

Work Surface – cutting mat – big enough for your scale
Leftover dish for stain
Wood glue – fast tacking carpenters glue such as Titebond Regular or II, Elmers or LePages
Masking tape
Waxed paper
Pin vise (drill bit is included in the kit)
Razor saw and/or Xacto knife
Tweezers – very sharp point is helpful
Wire snips
Small files, clamps, cheap brush
Disposable gloves

The price includes the kit and two bottles (8oz) of Hunterline Weathering Mix – a base color, and a highlight color. The highlight color Rick and Maureen recommend is their Creosote Black. They will advise you on the base coat if you tell them the desired look you want to achieve.

Please order by May 8, 2021, to ensure delivery before the BUILD ALONG starts on May 22.

The Kit, 2 bottles of Weathering Mix & Shipping cost to your address:
(“New Tracks” Meetup Special pricing)
N – $65.00USD
HO – $68.00USD
S – $72.00USD
O – $80.00USD

You must order by emailrick@hunterline.com
For more information visit the website:  https://www.hunterline.com/
Or Phone:  1-866-934-4174


Introducing Pat & Maureen Hunter and information about the kit


Part-1 – Preparing the lumber – May 22, 2021


Part 2 – Cutting & Staining the Lumber – May 29, 2021


Part 3 – Adding Ties and NBW’s – June 5, 2021 


Part 4 – Adding the large NBWs and Rods – June 28, 2021