Welcome to “Quick Tips”

We have accumulated many “quick tips” that have been supplied by our modelers that make things easier to do or offers us alternative uses for different things.  We have grouped these tips by modeler.  Please click on each modeler to go to their page and see their tips.  If you have a few tips to contribute, please contact us.  We would love to share them.

Remember these tips are mostly presented in a short YouTube video.


Workshop Tips and Tricks with Bob Davidson

Quick Tips with Henry “Hank” Primas

Scratch Building Bits and Pieces from Gary Shudgold, MMR

Quick Tips with Bob Farquhar

Quick Tips from Ted Becker

Quick Tips from Martin Brechbiel, MMR

Quick Tips with Nick Santos

Quick Tips from Paul Thomson

Quick Tips from Kris Blackmarr

Quick Tips with Clark Kooning, MMR