These Saturday Workshops resulted from comments I received from modelers about scratchbuilding and Kris Blackmarr’s interest and  creative ideas to develop the project.  Many thanks Kris for volunteering to lead this project.

The segments are structured like our  popular BUILD  ALONG  segments, on our Wednesday Evening “New Tracks” shows, except these  Saturday shows are designed  to show modelers  how to scratchbuild a model.  I personally believe that scratchbuilding is one of the most creative parts  of model railroading and I think you will agree if you try it.   Here is your  opportunity to work with and learn from  skilled modelers the Art and Skills involved with Scratchbuilding a model.  Give it a try.

You can learn  the steps, skills and techniques involved in scratchbuilding a model in any scale you want. There are no kits to buy only the needed scratchbuilding supplies so cost is at a minimum. Model plans and photos  will be used that you can download on your computer at no cost.

The show’s moderator, Kris Blackmarr, a very talented and artistic modeler, as well as his guests will guide you through the complete scratchbuilding process , one small step at a time.  After all that is what Mentoring is all about.

If you are a beginner join in and experience the thrill of completing a scratchbuilt model and being able to stand back and say I built that!  Believe me there is nothing like this feeling!

If you are a more experienced or advanced modeler join in and offer your advice and knowledge to less skilled modelers and  even get some fresh ideas yourself. After all learning from other modelers is how we all have learned about modeling. Now you can be  one of the teachers to help others.  The live shows will be recorded on YouTube so you can refer to the information later as needed.  I hope you join us each Saturday at 1:00pm EST and help make this new project a success.

If you have questions or suggestions, you can contact Kris Blackmarr at: