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This is a Bi-weekly Segment which started April 27, 2022. It is based on one of the ways I got, and many others, modeling help and met some really outstanding modelers. I have been honored to have served on two NMRA Regional BOD and as Superintendent for one NMRA Division, AP chairman for three Regions, and Contest Chairman for two Regions.

I believe at its core, mentoring is best done one on one at a local level with a talented model builder, who can guide a person in learning the skills, techniques, and gain confidence in their modeling efforts. These are some of the greatest memories I have.

A mentor does not have to be an MMR or a famous model railroader, he or she just needs to be able to build models you admire or have some skills you want to learn. Ultimately, a mentor wants to help you improve your modeling. Those were the people and friends who helped me become a modeler..

Since most of my “New Tracks” efforts are focused on mentoring, I have been trying to figure out how to communicate with you, the “New Tracks” audience, the value of seeking local mentoring and how to find it.

This new segment is based on my personal experiences and is my answer to how you can find a local mentor and meet some great people in the process. Join us in this Special Segment of our Show.

Phil Edholm

Phil Edholm

I have asked Phil Edholm a NMRA Division Superintendent of the NMRA PCR/Coast Division, which includes the San Fransisco Bay Area down to Monterey in California, to lead this segment. We kicked off the series with Gordon Robinson, the President of the NMRA, who discussed the value of NMRA Clubs and divisions to improving the modeling abilities of their members.

We will be inviting NMRA Divisions and clubs from all over the world to talk about what activities and mentoring opportunities they offer. If you hear something that sounds good see if your local club or division offers it as well. If they do take advantage of it!


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