The “Grey Street House” Build Along

Greg Cassidy – HO Scale


Chris Coarse


Beginning on March 3, 2021, Greg Cassidy will build a Conowingo Model the “Grey Street House” designed by Chris Course.   Chris will give you history on the Grey Street House and how he researched it to get it in kit form.  It is offered in O Scale and HO Scale with some differences and considerations.  Watch the videos below for details.



Greg Cassidy

Greg Cassidy will do his magic on these great models in HO and show the techniques, materials, paint, tools and good old talent to finish this great kit.  They have great ideas and will answer your questions.  You will not be disappointed.



Conowingo Models: “Grey Street House” HO Scale


Rundown of the build with Chris CourseFebruary 20, 2021

Part #1 – Introduction –  February 24, 2021

Information about the build – February 27, 2021

Part #2 – Start the Build Walls and Foundation – March 3, 2021

More Information about the build – March 6, 2021

Part #3 – Painting the Model – March 10, 2021

Part #4 – Windows, Doors, Assembly and Porch – March 17, 2021

Part #5 – Roofing & Finish up – March 24, 2021


Finished models by Greg Cassidy – HO Scale

Greg Cassidy – HO Scale

Greg Cassidy – HO Scale


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