Welcome our guest from National Capital Trains, Benard Kritzer. He is the superintendent and financial guru of National Trains and a veteran model railroader with over 50 years in the hobby. National Capital Trains was established in 1989 to serve the needs of scale modelers in the Washington, DC area. We started out by purchasing narrow-gauge supplies in S Scale and some HO because we were unable to find local merchants that would stock these items. We quickly shifted to HO and N Scale high-end Kato, Atlas, and Stewart (Kato-built) plastic diesel which reflected our interests and those of our customers. Over time the demographics, high real estate prices, and space limitations resulted in a greater emphasis on N Scale. With the advent of Soundtraxx decoders and Blackstone models, we re-entered the narrow gauge market in HOn3. Today, we are among the largest dealers of N Scale and HOn3 in the state of Virginia.

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