Bill Davis builds a Labelle Woodworking “Closed Platform Baggage Car”…  build along with him!

This is a Closed Vestibule, Truss Rod Baggage Car. This design was common among Railroads all across the country. All LaBelle Passenger Car kits are sold less Decals, Trucks and Couplers.

Labelle Woodworking Kit Drawing of the O-352 Baggage Car


Bill Davis’ finished baggage car

Bill Davis built LaBelle Closed Platform Baggage Car kit – HO


Rick Steel the owner of LaBelle Woodworking offered a great discount of 25% for modelers buying this kit for the “New Tracks” build. 

LaBelle Woodworking
5101 Ridge Road
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82009-5358
Phone: 307-433-9909
Toll Free: 866-246-9967


Playlist On YouTube 
Watch Bill Davis’ “Build Along” of a LaBelle Woodworking Closed Platform Baggage car kit, number HO3 in HO scale and in O scale O352.

Part 1 – The Labelle Woodworking kit Introduction – June 2, 2021


Part 2 – The Labelle Woodworking kit – June 9, 2021


Part 3 – The Labelle Woodworking kit – June 23, 2021


Part 4 – Finishing up the Baggage Car – July 14, 2021