John Frankfurther has supplied an example of how to convert a graphic from HO scale to S scale in the Microsoft Windows operating system…

“What I did was to enlarge the entire sheet to 136% (Editor’s Note: For a graphic originally in HO scale.) for S Scale in MS Paint and use the cutout feature in MS Paint to cut out and print each piece separately.

So you

  • Load one sheet into MS Paint
  • Click on Resize icon
  • Make sure the Maintain aspect ratio box is checked and just change the Horizontal box to 136
  • Next use the rectangle Select icon and select one object on the screen
  • Once you select that one object, you want to cut that selected object out of the picture
  • Press CTRL X buttons. The will cut the selected object out of the picture.
  • Next, press CTRL N, to create a new file and select Don’t Save.
  • Lastly you want to press CTRL V to paste the cut object back into paint.
  • This should leave you with the S Scale version of the object you selected on the screen.
  • From there you can save the file with CTRL S and give it a filename.
  • Then press CTRL P to print it out to your printer.
  • You may need to change your printer from Portrait to Landscape to make it fit.
  • If that works go back to the original picture and go through the process above only select a different part to copy.
  • If they can’t follow all that, then take the files to Kinko’s or Staples and tell them to enlarge them by 136% and print them out

I hope this helps!!