All Nation is back. The newly revived company by John Wubbel will be sponsoring a “Build Along” of a waffle side boxcar with exceptional modeler Dave Schultz starting on 11/6. Please welcome back All Nation to the market, it is a great name from the past in model railroading.

There are 2 versions of this kit. The  high end kit which sells for $159.95 plus $12.00 Shipping and handling. This kit is more comprehensive with multiple roof profiles and inside interior walls with detail. This is not a trivial kit to put together, yet should challenge the entry level model builder with plenty of challenges and opportunities to innovate, and think through problems with the differing assembly approaches. You can see photos of the kit in our eBay store.

The basic kit for $109.95 plus $12.00 shipping. I can give a 5% discount to show participants.  To receive the discount, you should order directly through the website. Make sure you mention “New Tracks” when you order.

I would strongly suggest putting in a reservation for a kit(s) as early in advance as possible so I can order enough filament material and start to manufacture the product. I may not be able to take reservations on the high end kit because I cannot tie up the printer farm for extended periods of time since I have to make products for other customers. I will do my best to accommodate everyone who orders.”

If you would like to see the kit instructions, you can look here.

More details can be found on our website.”

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