9 inch Old Growth Trees example
On Wednesday, August 25, 2021 Zoom Door Prize – Roger Rasmussen, owner of Coastmans Scenic Products (no apostrophe) is sponsoring a Door Prize on our August 25 Zoom show. To win, you must be a subscriber to our Website and view the August 25 show live on Zoom or Youtube, or by video later on the Youtube “New Tracks Modeling” YouTube channel. To claim the prize, the winner MUST 1) Email jimkellow1@gmail.com within 24 hours of the announcement of the winner using the same email address he/she registered on the New Tracks website, and 2) The email MUST include the passcode announced during the August 25, 2021 Live Zoom Meetup show.

Winner receives a 9″ Old Growth Fir Tree Kit, a $ 23.75 value
9 inch Old Growth Trees Kit

Roger Rasmussen
Coastmans Scenic Products (no apostrophe)
17 Hamlet Street
Port Orford, Oregon, 97465
(360) 820-3553
email: coastmans@gmail.com

9 inch Old Growth Trees Kit, MAKES FOUR TREES
The 9 inch Scenic Old Growth Fir Trees Kit MAKES FOUR old growth style trees. The kit comes with exclusive Green Branches foliage, unique cedar trunks which are tapered, dyed, and with bark detail, and also dead branches, fine turf highlights, planting pins, and complete instructions.

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