Starting December 8th, you can build a Banta Models “The Warehouse” kit along with Clark Kooning, MMR. (Note that this link will take you to the Banta website where you can scroll down to the to an announcement for the F scale kit. Clicking this will take you to detailed information about the kit. There is no direct link available.) The kit is available in HO, S, O, and F/G scales. Bill Banta is offering a 20% discount (on this kit only) for folks who want to build along with Clark. To order the kit, please contact Bill directly at If you order off the website you will not receive the discount. Shipping to the US is $10.00. International shipping via USPS First Class Mail is usually about $30.00. Priority shipping is usually around $50.00, but you will be charged the exact amount. International shipping for the the F Scale kit is around $50.00 due to its weight, but you will be charged the exact amount.

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