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Color Palette for Modelers

Suggested General Colors for Modelers Palette:
The following colors will allow the modeler to produce any color value desired and is the suggested palette colors for those who want to have the ability to fully control the shade and tints of their colors.  The color selection is primarily designed to work with oils, but quality acrylics should also create a useful working palette.  Soft pastels could be used to generate a full range of tints and shades using the suggested palette colors.  (Note that the palette color names are based on the Windsor – Newton Aritists’ Oil Colour line of oil paints.)

— Yellow Ochre
— Cadmium Red Light or Cadmium Red Medium
— Ivory Black

Basic Primaries:
— Hansa Yellow Light
— Cadmium Yellow Medium
— Cerulean Blue
— Ultramarine Blue
— Quinacridone Magenta
— Phthalo Blue
— Raw Umber
— Burnt Sienna
— Zinc White

Optional (To make tinting and shading easier)
— Grey – Light
— Grey – Medium
— Grey – Dark
— White – Cool
— White – Warm
— Grey – Cool
— Grey – Warm
— Titanium Buff
— Mars Black
— Chromatic Black
— Phthalo Green
— Gold Ochre
— Payne’s Grey

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