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The April/May issue of The S Scale Resource Magazine is ready to view. (If direct links don’t work, use the magazine “Bill of Lading”/Table of Contents to navigate to the article.)

  • Pg 7 – Shuffle Off to Buffalo: 2022 NASG Convention By Jim Martin August 2 – 6, 2022, Buffalo Marriott hotel CanAm website for full details and registration: About The Convention Page This August 2nd to 6th marks the 2022 Buffalo CanAm NASG convention, hosted by S scalers in Western New York and southern Ontario We obviously don’t have to sell the charms of S scale to Resource readers, but for those of you who have never attended a National Association of S Gaugers convention, make this your year. [Read More…]
  • Page 13 – The Wonderful Frustrating, Exasperating, Maddening, Awesome World of SLA 3D PrintingBy Dan DawdyIn the January/February 2022 issue of The O Scale Resource Magazine Glenn talked about Drawing for 3D Models: The Issues and Considerations You Need to Watch Out For. If you are designing models and have not read that yet, do it now.
    I was not sure how to proceed with this article. I am no expert, having only been printing since last October. There are many of you who have been doing this for a few years. So I’ll break this down into a few articles and start at the beginning, walking you though my experiences. [Read More…]
  • Page 27 – Modifying the River Raisin Airslide Hopper
    By Randy WilsonWhen River Raisin brought out their excellent brass Airslide Hopper cars, I got two of them, stripped the clear coating off the cars and removed all the grab irons. [Read More…]
  • Page 28 – GRS Type SA Signal Stories By Chris Rooney A couple weeks ago Glenn Guerra stopped by and exhibited a sample of the General Railway Signal Company type SA signal that he and Dan Dawdy had been working on diligently for weeks as a new enhancement to O scale, and in this case, S scale. I managed to talk him into “loaning” one to me to solve a problem that plagues operation of the HY Tower interlocking near Handley Yard on the Attic Subdivision of the C&O. [Read More…]
  • Page 33 – Levers By Jas Millham The picture above shows the stages in making a cosmetic top to turn a toggle switch into a lever for an interlocking plant.[Read more…]
  • Page 37 – New Tracks – Modeling with Mentoring from Talented Model Builders and Even from Modelers in Other Hobbies By Contributing Editor Jim Kellow MMR [Read Article…]
  • Page 70 – What’s On Your Workbench? By Jay Mellon – This project was intended to be my entry into Jaime Bothwell’s “Make Bill Eat Crow” contest. The aim of the contest was to induce modelers with old S kits sitting in a closet to get them out and build them.
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  • Page 73 – MORE: What’s On Your Workbench? By Gaylord Gill – A Pedestrian Walkway
    [Read Article]
  • Page 78 – Scene Around the Layout By Joe Hohmann – We have great trains, and even nice S automobiles and figures, but aside from some Plasticville, S structures are hard to come by.
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