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The O Scale Resource July/Aug 2022 Volume 9 No. 6 is available to read (If direct links fail, use links on the magazine “Bill of Lading”/contents)

5  News You Can Use – New Items of Interest

  • Ipswich Hobbies has released its latest craftsman kit in O scale…
  • William Mosteller from Great Model Railroad Decals sent us a note…
  • David Vaughn from Wit and Wisdom Models says O Scale Nighthawks kits back in stock…
  • Richard Rands of Berkshire Valley Models has some great new products…
  • Roger Lewis from Wasatch Model Company says The Pilot Models will be shipped from Korea by the time you read this…
  • Here s the new product information for the paint sets for July & August 2022…
  • While we don’t normally list things for sale here by private owners, I thought I would make an exception…
  • Welcome our newest advertiser, The Public Delivery Track!…

11  A Vacation and O Scale West By Amy & Dan  Dawdy

  • Amy and I headed West and flew out to stay with my brother and sister-in-law near Rancho Murieta, California…the attendance was down from the previous years we had gone. I hope for a rebound next year, but it depends on forces we can’t control…

21 Canadian National Railways Sanmore Subdivision Construction update – two steps back By Serge Lebel

  • …This will be my shortest progress article to date, but I am proud of the very few things I did…

38  Buy a Battleship…Build a Railroad Around it By Amy Dawdy as told by Rick Yost

  • …on our last trip in April to the Strasburg 2 Rail Train Show, we took a side trip to see Mr. Yost, and what an adventure it was!…

49 Sleeper Service on the Mountain Electric By George  Paxon

  • Steam railroads almost all had sleeper service at one point in time. Many short lines like the Yosemite Valley and even the narrow-gauge lines in Colorado had it too. Well when plodding along at 15-20 miles per hour, you probably needed sleeper service since a ride to most anywhere was probably overnight…

55  NewTracks Model Railroading By Contributing  Editor  Jim  Kellow  MMR

  • New Tracks  Announcements
    • “New Tracks” is the longest running series of Articles about
      Mentoring for Modelers… 
  • Modeling Lifestyles:
    • Sponsored by Narrow Gauge Modeling Company (NGMC)
    • … Starting June 2, 2022 at 7pm Eastern Time NewTracks began offering a new bi-weekly livestream series on our YouTube channel…
  • Door prize on July 20 Show. Must be present to win
  • Regular Modeling Segments on our Zoom shows…
    • “MYBUILD” (Sponsored by Model Railroad Resource LLC) – presenters:
      • A Mike Warman S scale Hunterline 50 ft covered Queen post railroad bridge. Built with the Rick and
        Maureen Hunter recent Build Along series on our show.
      • Jeff Jordan O scale Diesel steam powered shovel made by Lionel. Highly detailed and weathered.
      • John Garaty Modular layout in 7mm scale.
      • Martin Brechbiel MMR O scale Plumbing Supply Warehouse made with left over bits and pieces from
        various kits lots ofdetail parts and scale kinds of lumber
      • Rick Wolfanger presented a scratch bashed Playart locomotive and a Fine Scale Miniatures Lumber Company kit.
      • Bill Stemson Some photos of
        my latest N scale build – Aultman Machine Shop and an update of the Frijole
        Flats wall I showed off last month with an HO scale
        diesel bell installed.
      • Phil Edholm O scale 3-D printed model of a California Coastal Warehouse.
  • Upcoming Build Along segments…
  • Saturday Scratchbuilding Workshops.
    • Our Saturday afternoon (1pm Eastern Time) Scratchbuilding Workshops are designed to show modelers HOW to scratchbuild a model as well as the specific modeling techniques involved.
  • New Weekly Wednesday Show Segments
    • Women in Modeling
      • I am developing a segment for New Tracks about women in modeling which will introduce some women who are talented model builders who could become your mentor and who are helping to make our hobby great.
    • NMRA CLUBS and DIVISIONS Sponsored by the NMRA
      • A bi-weekly segment which started April 27, 2022 is based on one of the ways I, and many others, were able to get modeling help and meet some really outstanding modelers.
    • Let s Go To Our Hobby Store Sponsored by the National Retail Hobby Stores Association (NRHSA)
      • Starting October 19 Mark Poggendorf, an NMRAmemberworking on his MMR manufacturer owner of
        Poggies Trains and a member ofthe National Retail Hobby Stores Association (NRHSA) will moderate a
        monthly segment concerning common issues facing hobby
        shops and modelers
    • Remote Switching Layout Operation
      • On July 13th, Heath Hurwitz will show us his small, 48″ x 10″ switching puzzle he calls Human (c)ity Junction, a variation on John Allen’s Timesaver.
    • CAD Build Along
      • Starting July 13th, a Two-Step Modeling Build Along with Earl Hackett
    • Inter-Action Hobbies
      • Starting July 13, 2022, Darryl Jacobs, owner of Interaction Hobbies, will be doing a build along of his HO scale Keeger’s Garage HO Scale Kit: Keeger’s Garage & Repair-HO-3103.
    • Card Model with Paul Egri and John Thomas Reynolds
      • Starting July 23, 2022, a BUILD ALONG of a Paul Egri created card model of a Service Station by both David Rarig and Fr Ron Walthers using different techniques.
    • Sea Port Model Works
      • Starting August 17, 2022, Bruce Nickerson, owner of Sea Port Model Works, will start building Kit #H136W, a Waterline kit of a 53’ Coastal Steam Passenger Ferry in HO scale.
    • Apogee Locomotive Works
      • Starting August 24, 2022, Arron Piotraschke, owner of Apogee Locomotive Works, will build one of his (ALW) locomotive kits in a Build Along.
    • Berkshire Valley Models
      • Starting August 31, 2022 Richard Rands, owner of Berkshire Valley Models, will join with Martin Brechbiel, MMR to build his On30, On3 Ore car kit.
    • Sylvan Models
      • Starting September 7, 2022 Claire Gilbert the owner of Sylvan Models will have his CNE 1937 Boxcar kit built by Bill Davis.
    • Mudd Creek Models
      • Starting September 7, 2022 Frank and Nataly Saladino owners of Mudd Creek Models will build one of their kits.
    • Motrak Models
      • Starting September 7, 2022, Jeff Adams, owner of Motrak Models, and Greg Cassidy will team up to build the Alton Fire Station in S scale.
    • Narrow Gauge Modeling Company (NGMC)
      • Starting October 5, 2022, Kevin Macomber owner of the Narrow Gauge Modeling Company (NGNC) will begin a BUILD ALONG with Martin Brechbiel MMR of one of his Wagon kits.
    • Poggies Trains
      • Starting September 21, 2022, Mark Poggendorf, owner of Poggies Trains will use several of his molds to build a rock wall and bridge.
    • Hangman Creek Dioramas
      • Starting October 26, 2022, Jess Dozier owner of Hangman Creek Dioramas will build one of his kits.
    • New Creations Victorian Railroad Buildings
      • Starting November 16, 2022, Alan Rogers, owner of New Creations Victorian Railroad Buildings will begin a BUILD ALONG of his kit, the St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church of Ocean City, Maryland.
    • Dwarvin Lighting Without Wires
      • Starting November 23, 2022, Michael Groves will begin a Build Along project using his Lighting Without Wiring system.
    • Berkshire Valley Models
      • Starting December 7, 2022, Richard Rands, owner of Berkshire Valley Models, will join with Bill Davis to build his kit of the Walsh/Duncan Bay Window House in Animas Forks, Colorado.
    • More BUILD ALONG segments to come.
      • I hope you want to participate in all the “Build Alongs”. The modelers and manufacturers, who are making these events possible, are doing them to try to help you improve your skills and have more enjoyment and confidence in your modeling.
  • “Watch Me Build” – These segments are meant for modelers who want to share their modeling efforts and discuss their modeling techniques so others can benefit.
    • July 6, 2022, Pat Rivard and Paul Hurly will do a segment “Making Coniferous Trees”.
  • “Ask Your Modeling Question”
    • These segments are where viewers can ask modeling questions and get answers from other modelers on the show.
  • “Remembering Old Kits”
    • …Martin Brechbiel, MMR building a Van’s Car Shop and a Train Craft kit.
  • Now please see the Leadville Model made by Steve Harvath, the “New Tracks” Leadville Design Contest Drawing winner.
  • Jim Kellow MMR Builds in Brass
    • In April, I showed some of my models which were scratchbuilt in card and brass.
  • Now please meet some really talented modelers.
    • Jeff Jordan
      • I have been a practicing lawyer for more than 40 years. I am now mostly retired, but continue to do a little legal work.
    • Kirk Bucher
      • I met Kirk, the gentleman featured next, on one of my Zoom shows and was really impressed with him and his great club.
    • Stephen Fisher
      • Stephen Fisher is an On30 modeler who read one of my articles and sent me an email. I think you will find him very interesting.

83 Ross Gets Real, Estate Planning – By Ross Dando

  • My estate can deal with it. It’s just another model.I often joke that a project I am working on may never sell or that I may never build a model I buy and that my estate can deal with the disposition of it all. Kidding aside, that’s not a very nice thing for me or you to do. So what are we supposed to do?…

86  Scene Around the Layout

89  Backshop Solutions By Ross  Dando

  • Just another day in the workshop

95 What’s On Your Workbench By Aaron Hubertz

  • I recently finished a Sunset Models USRA Union Pacific/OSL 0-6-0 switcher, #4753...

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