Ore Car On30/On3

Starting August 31, 2022 Richard Rands, owner of Berkshire Valley Models, will join with Martin Brechbiel, MMR to build his On30, On3 Ore car kit. There is a 25% discount on the purchase of as many of the Ore Car kits as you want for “New Tracks” members who order between July 27 and September 7, 2022 when using the order code NEW TRACKS. Modelers have a choice to get the discount: You can order the ore cars then send Richard an email mentioning NEW TRACKS or you can send an email asking for a paypal invoice and Richard will send one with the discount.

Kit #351 a 16’ On30/On3 Ore Car. The Kits are precision laser cut wood that assemble easily. The detail parts are made of white metal. Trucks and couplers are not included. The ore car we have designed does not follow a specific prototype but is patterned after the many types found around the turn of the century. A good place to see examples are the “Car Builders Dictionary”. The shorter cars were made to carry the heavy precise metal copper, & iron ores.

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Build along part 1 – introduction – July 27, 2022


Build along part 2 – Starting the build – August 31, 2022


Build along part 3 – Fitting the parts together – September 7, 2022


Build along part 4 – Installing detail parts, painting ad finishing – September 14, 2022



Jim Allen

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