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The O Scale Resource Sept/Oct 2021 Volume 9 No. 6 is available to read (If direct links fail, use links on the magazine “Bill of Lading”/contents)

News You Can Use – New Items of Interest

  • Atlas is taking reservations for their new Gunderson Multi-max Auto Rack…
  • Wit and Wisdom Models is working on a new project. In design: a model of John Armstrong’s famous articulated covered hopper, the Cementipede, will be offered in O Scale 2 Rail…
  • Roger Lewis from Wasatch Model Company says: Along with the California Zephyr, I hope to produce the 3 Budd Passenger cars that the Union Pacific bought…
  • Woodland Scenics is announcing a new building. Carver’s Butcher Shoppe coming soon to O scale…
  • Dylan Lambert of Lambert Locomotive Works sent some information on their new O scale trolley power truck…
  • Pierre Oliver of Elgin Car Shops has announced their first O Scale kit, a PRR X31f 40′ Automobile Car…
  • Sandy Point Models has a new kit available. This new O Scale kit from Sandy Point Models is based on the speeder shed still standing at Santa Clara, CA…
  • Some new items from Richard Rands and Berkshire Valley Models. #678 Stools…

14  Possible Remedies for Deposits By Dan  Dawdy

  • Possible Remedies When Your Deposit Seems To Disappear Down The Track…

15  National Contest Winners

20 Looking Backwards to Move Forwards By George Paxon

  • I go thorough periods where I don’t seem to get as much done as I once did…

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get current projects finished at the rate I am going…

Currently I am building a traction layout…

When my mood gets terribly down, I have developed an approach to kick-starting myself again. While sitting and procrastinating, I go back in time and recall the good ol’ days in On3…

29 A Modeler-Friendly Approach for Upgrading the GGD 1938 Super Chief – Second Section
By Santiago Pineda

  • Part 1 of this article traced a route for upgrading the exterior of the recent GGD 1938 Super Chief set. Part 2 will, as stated, depict an economical way for upgrading the interior of the train…

40 The Brian Scace Experience by Brian Scace with Dan Dawdy

  • This month we feature Brian Scace’s layout. Many of you may remember Brian from the pages of O Scale Trains Magazine where he was a mainstay for many years

60 Scratch Building My Steam Locomotives: Pt. 7 Lead Trucks and Pilots by Glenn Guerra

79 When is DCC Not DCC? By Brian Scace

  • …I’m wiring a big decoder (a great whacking D808) into the layout at the tap for the road throttle…

81 New Tracks – Where Mentors Help Modelers Build By Contributing  Editor  Jim  Kellow  MMR

  • “New Tracks” marketing program gets some professional advice
    • I am extremely pleased to announce that Karen Formico has volunteered to provide some marketing advice… 
  • Changes coming to our current Zoom Shows:
    • As of September 1 2021, we are changing the schedule for our zoom shows from twice a week to once a week. Our show will only be on Wednesday at 7pm Eastern Time.
  • Other “New Tracks” announcements
    • We are going to have Door Prizes on some of our shows.
    • …please visit our website newtracksmodeling.com to get the latest information about what we are planning…
    • Please also send the Zoom and YouTube log in links to your friends…
  • Please volunteer! We need help!
  • Our “Build Along” programs: join these model building experiences

Upcoming Special Segments

    • Hunterline
      • 81′ Timber Trestle (Frame or Pile Design) Starting September 1, 2021
    • Viewer Request
      • A viewer asked that we have a segment on how to spray paint. Clark Kooning, MMR volunteered and will be doing the segment on best methods for spray paining your models on our September 1st show.
    • LaBelle Woodworking
      • Jim Murphy will be building a LaBelle HO “Business Car” kit starting October 13
      • Leadville Designs
        • Martin Brechbiel, MMR starts building a Leadville Designs, Maintenance of Way, O scale kit starting on our show September 22nd
      • Rail Scale Models
        • Starting Oct 6th, Bill Davis is building a Rail Scale Models, Tobacco Barn Kit
      • Motrak Models
        • Starting on our Oct 20th “New Tracks” show, a Motrak Models kit will be built in 4 different scales by 4 different, very talented and experienced modelers, Phil Edholm, Clark Kooning, MMR, Bob Farquhar, and Greg Cassidy…
      • All Nation
        • All Nation is back. The newly revived company by John Wubbel. will be sponsoring a “Build Along” of a waffle side Boxcar with exceptional modeler, Dave Schultz starting on November 6th
      • ITLA
        • Nick Massey, owner of ITLA and Bryan Schilling, the model builder will do a “Build Along” of an ITLA Kit on November 10th
      • Banta Models
        • Bill Banta, Banta Models, is teaming up with Clark Kooning, MMR starting a “Build Along” on our December 1st show
    • New Modeling Segments
      • “Watch Me Build” – These segments which are meant to enable you to share your scratchbuilt, kitbashed, or kit building efforts and discuss your modeling skills and techniques so others can benefit…My email is Jimkellow@oscaleresource.com if you would like to discuss your idea by telephone you can get it off our website.
        • Kris Blackmarr is starting his soapbox modeling October 6th…
      • “I Have A Question” – These segments are where viewers can ask modeling questions and get answers from other viewers on the show
      • “Remembering Old Kits” – Modelers will be building kits from our distant past that are either no longer manufactured or hardly available…
        • The first two segments are being scheduled for Martin Breckbiel, MMR to build a Van’s Car Shop or Train Craft kit…
      • “Let’s Go To The Hobby Shop” – Meet hobby shop owners who may become your new best friend…If you have a hobby shop you would like to recommend…tell me about your hobby shop at Jimkellow@oscaleresource.com
        • Anita Walter from California was our first Hobby shop owner on our June 9th…
        • Mainline Hobbies on July 28th
        • Nick’s Trains on August 7th
        • JB Trains on September 29th
      • Show us your modeling – …To participate, all you have to do is send in a photo(s) with captions and your name to Chris Coarse at Chris.Coarse@newtracksmodeling.com
        • Now, please meet a very special modeler who recently gave me some mentoring

    When I was putting this article together, I was told about a company in Oregon that I needed to visit, so I went to the Canyon Creek Scenics website www.canyoncreekscenics.com, and then immediately called and talked to Pete Vassler. I could not get Pete and his company profiled in this article, because Pete was too busy making his Conifer Trees to get me the information I needed, but I plan to do so in the next issue.

        • Roy Anderson – is a Honorary Life member of the Association of Professional Model Makers and a life member (L461) of the National Model Railroad Association
        • Leo Terrien (& Randi) – Crow River Products
          Crow River Products was started in April of 1982. After a few years of custom painting brass locomotives and custom building structures and rolling
          stock I was interested in producing my own kits
        • Michael Culham
          …I have been involved with the hobby now for 62 years, mainly modeling in O gauge, but for a time, I worked in HO and dabbled a bit in N and live steam. I came back to O gauge about 22 years ago, and have not looked back since. I have had articles published 30 times in one of the US O gauge train magazines with my GCR layouts, and now in one of the British railway mags with my British O gauge layout…
        • Mark Pretties
          My first memory of model railways was when I was about 4 years old and had my first train set in my bedroom as a Christmas present from my parents. My first loco was a model of Percy from the Hornby range of Thomas the Tank Engine. I still have that loco, and could never part with it…
        • Stan B. Shields
          I was an avid model car builder from about age ten, mostly 1/24 scale…My favorite aspect of the hobby is structure building and scenery. Wooden craftsman kits and scratch built structures are the most fun to build, and aged and weathered wood is fun to model.
        • Myles Marcovitch
          I had an uncle who was a mechanical engineer at the
          Baldwin Locomotive Works, and at about the same age, was taken to his work, saw steam and diesel locos being built and had a ride in a diesel switcher. The train gene was fully activated.
        • John Ham
          John sent me a 28 mm Gunfighters figure, and asked if I through it was OK for S or O Scale.

      108 Backshop Solutionsl – By Ross Dando

      • I told myself I would make progress by the time this issue was due, and amazingly I was able to do so…

      113 Tips & Tricks

      • From Tom Thorpe
        • …separate the 33″ O scale wheels from the 36″ O scale wheels…

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