Touch Toggles 

Starting March 22,  2023  Kevin Hunter owner of Touch Toggles Company formerly  Barrett Hill Trains will  announce his Build Along starting April 19, 2023 using his Touch Toggles.  A “New Tracks” viewer who wants to Build Along with Kevin will need at a minimum a 4 channel package of any of the turnout machine operation packages. 

Kevin is offering a one time 15% discount off of the total purchase made for the Build Along. So a modeler will be able to purchase as much additional product as needed and  get the 15% discount off the total purchase. In order to get the 15% discount please send an email to Kevin: Kevin will send you a one time coupon to use for your order.  Please visit the Touch Toggle website at:

Jim Allen

Jim Allen is a long time O Scale 2-railer and collector. He is a Jack of all trades but a master of none! Lets go!