Behind The Scenes introduces you to those individuals who make New Tracks Modeling work. They make it possible for you to come to the New Tracks Modeling website to watch videos of past Meetups, the Watch Me Build series, Build Along Models series from our Mentors, read articles in the O Resource and S Resource Magazines, and keep you up to date on events coming, and more.


Jamie Bothwell

Webmaster, website layout/updates,

bulk email notifications for Meetups



Daniel Dawdy – Responsible for Website Design,

Editor of the O and S Resource Magazines,

and system maintenance.







Dan Cohen – responsible for

video Organization and Playlists






Phil Edholm


Phil Edholm – Technical advisor for the live shows, responsible for the show’s placards, and Consultant to Host.






Paul Thomson – General Show Consultant and overall “Wiseman”.



Jim Kellow MMR – Creator of Show,

“New Tracks” concept, and Show Host.