BUILD ALONG Opportunities

We have started a new Model Building event with your own Mentor segment of our “New Tracks” Meetups.  We call it BUILD ALONG.

Each week, a very talented model builder is going to build a kit in short segments. Each model will be built over a period of weeks.

You will find out the tools, paints, glue he uses to build the kit, tips he talks about to help you avoid errors, and correct any mistakes in building the model.

You will be able to watch the modeler build the kit in small segments and learn the techniques first hand and talk to them as he builds the model. Building your kit at the same time allows you to build along with him. This will in effect, provide you with a personal mentor in building the kit.

We have several model builders, and kit manufacturers lined up for our program.  We welcome your comments and recommendations of other modelers and manufacturers we could ask to be a part of this effort.


Started April 17, 2021
Bob Farquhar
Blair Line “General Store”


Started April 17, 2021
Gaylord Gill and Randy Bosscher
Bar MillsModels “The 1-Kit”
Make your own model with

Intro Part 1: Discuss Project
Intro  Part 1: About the Project
Intro Part 2: Create Drawings from Photos
Build #1: Layout Walls, Doors & Windows
Build #2: Corner Trim & Interior Bracing
Build #3: Door & Windows
Build #4: Roofing
Show & Tell of Models:

Starting May 22, 2021
Rick and Maureen Hunter
Hunterline “30′ King Post Bridge”


Starting August 28, 2021
Four Modelers – Four Scales
Motrack Models ” “Kit to be announced mid-July!
N Scale, Clark Kooning MMR
H0 Scale, Greg Cassidy
S Scale, Bob Farquhar
O Scale, Phil Edholm 


Starting September 22, 2021
Martin Brechbiel MMR
Leadville Designs kit ” “Kit to be announced mid-July!


Starting October 16,  2021
Bill Davis
Rail Scale Models ” “Kit to be announced mid-August!


Starting December 1, 2021
Modeler: Clark Kooning
Banta Models: Warehouse kit to be announced closer to the build date.


I am looking for additional model builders and manufacturers who want to participate in this program.  Please contact me so we can schedule your project. I am particularly interested in having several N scale and more O scale Build Along projects. Contact me at
Completed Build Alongs
Started February 24, 2021
Greg Cassidy
Conowingo Models “Grey Street House”


Started March 27, 2021
Clark Kooning MMR
Down Town Deco “First Timer Bar”


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