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2021 Model Railroad Scholarship Program



A video message from Jim Kellow asking for help with New Tracks Modeling


We have added a new selection to the menus under New Tracks Articles. We will be posting copies of The O Scale Resource and The S Scale Resource magazines. We currently have the link to the June/July 2021 issue of The S Scale Resource magazine available for your reading pleasure. To subscribe to those magazines or read the current issue posted, just click on the New Tracks Articles TAB and select the appropriate link.

Hunterline is offering a raffle for modelers who show their bridge Model with the person drawn winning a $50 discount on their next Hunterline purchase.

The modelers who show their model of the LaBelleWoodworking kit will be entered in a LaBelle raffle with the person drawn getting a free LaBelle Woodworking kit of their choice.



We are adding more content to our site so we need to double up on some of our menu selections. If you see a “DOWN ARROW” next to a menu selection, that means there is more information below that menu selection. Hovering your mouse over that menu selection will display a dropdown menu with more information for you to view.

We are starting a new segment here on New Tracks Modeling called Ask Our Modelers. We will have a simple form for you to fill out so you can ask your question to our modelers about the model or technique you are working on. The questions will be sent to our founder Jim Kellow, and he will pose the question to our group of modelers on the live Zoom and YouTube Meetups on Wednesday and Saturday at 7:00 pm EDT. You can visit New Tracks Modeling on YouTube and watch a video of that part of the show.


Al Collins  of Ultimation is offering a 10% discount off of the price for his sanding equipment to those modelers who have purchased the Hunterline 30 ft King Truss bridge kit  for the “New Tracks” Hunterline “Build Along”. . Contact Al through his Website, as soon as possible to ensure delivery in time to start the “Build Along “.(Ultimation Sander | Precision Tools for Scale Model Makers


If you are not receiving the emails for our weekly Zoom Meetups here some steps for you to check.

  • Check the SPAM folder on your device AND on your web-based email systems, you are subscribed to.
    ( ex:,, etc). You may find your emails from us are ending up there.
  • Make sure you acknowledge the email that is sent to you
  • If you have done the above and still don’t see any emails, Send an email to with the Name and Email address you registered with.
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*** New Users ***
We send out a bulk email a day or two before each Meetup. If you sign up AFTER that bulk mailing, you will not receive notification for that Meetup. If that happens, just send an email to the webmaster and we will get you set up for that Meetup. After that, you should start receiving regular emails from us with the Meetup information.


We have added some of our mentor’s models on our Home page for your viewing pleasure. Working with these creative modelers on the Zoom and YouTube Meetups, you can gain knowledge and skills, equal to those of the mentors, to improve your modeling skills. If you have created models and wish to display your skills, send your completed photos to us at and we will add them to our Home page.


Check out Paul Thomson’s Quick Tips from our YouTube Playlist  TAB

New Tracks Events is coming! Here is where you can find information on the upcoming builds.  Listings will include the Dates, Builder Names and their Projects on our schedule. Stay tuned for updates coming.


Stay tuned for a new segment from Boyd Wirkkala on our My Builds TAB. Boyd will offer pictures and videos of his layouts and the likes of John Allen’s model railroad.


We have started a new Model Building event with your own Mentor segment of our “New Tracks” Meetups. 
We call it BUILD ALONG.

Each week, a talented model builder is going to build a kit in short segments. Each model will be built over a period of weeks.
You will find out the tools, paints, and glue he uses to build the kit, tips he talks about to help you avoid errors, and correct any mistakes in building the model.
You will be able to watch the modeler build the kit in small segments and learn the techniques first hand and talk to them as he builds the model. Building your kit at the same time allows you to build along with him. This will provide you with a personal mentor in building the kit.
We have several model builders, and kit manufacturers lined up for our program.  We welcome your comments and recommendations of other modelers and manufacturers we could ask to be a part of this effort.

Check out the Build Along Models TAB  for our builds