Welcome to Your Modeling Mentors.

Definition of a Mentor:  A Trusted Counselor or Guide

If you follow the builds from our mentors and take notes on their comments during their builds, you will learn their modeling skills and become a better modeler. We also have a form on the site called Ask Our Modelers, where you can send in your questions and have our mentors explain or demonstrate answers to your questions on the Zoom Meetups. If you miss the Meetup, you can visit New Tracks Modeling on YouTube and watch those segments there.

This website is designed to be “Where Mentors Help Modelers build“.   Its goal is to “Have More Modelers Build More Models“.  We accomplish this Goal by introducing talented modelers who have skills and use techniques that can benefit Your modeling experience.

The Modelers listed below have demonstrated their Modeling skills and techniques on our Live Zoom shows.  They are True Mentors. Please contact them with a modeling question if you need help.

Remember BUILD MODELS to develop your skills and have the thrill of saying “I Built That”.

Clark Kooning, HLM, MMR, 225

Greg Cassidy

Bob Farquhar




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