I recently talked with Rob Gherman the Executive Director of the National Retail Hobby Shop Association. As a result of this conversation I was asked to write an article for the Association’s Magazine, which is exclusively for retailers

I also scheduled  Steven Elliott a member of the NRHSA Board of Directors and owner of Fundemonium Hobby Shop as the Featured Modeler on my February 9, 2022 show to discuss the Association and its activities.   Also I have scheduled one of the Associations, member Company’s Poggies Trains as the Featured Modeler on my November 10 zoom show and look forward to other Companies being on future shows.

I believe Modelers and Hobby Shop Owners have a great deal in common and should be working closely  together, with Manufacturers, and Distributors, for the betterment of our hobby.  We modelers need to have a voice in our Hobby’s future and the NRHSA is one organization I believe is interested in hearing from and listening to us.   Please let me have your comments.

There is a copy of my Article in the NRHSA magazine less photos on the Articles section of the Website. (Go to Modeling Partners and follow the link.)

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