Martin Brechbiel MMR

Martin Breckbiel is a Master Model Railroader, MMR.

He has achieved many awards over the years with his models.  He scratch build the following items and shared his talents with you.  The Watch Me Build area is designed to show you different skills and techniques in scratch building, tools that may be helpful to you and how to make a wonderful model out of a partially completed “ugly duckling” salvaged kit found at a swap meet.  We hope you will enjoy his talents.


A quick MoW car – aka “seat of pants scratch building” – September 28, 2022



Scratch Building, Salvage and “Seat of the Pants” Modeling – August 18, 2021



Scratch building another car – July 28, 2021



Scratch building a couple of side dump high side gondolas – June 30, 2021



Salvage project of a pair of reefers – June 23, 2021



Building a Riding along car from Scratch – June 16, 2021



Finishing a salvaged incomplete Car – June 9, 2021



Scratch building a fire supply Car – June 2, 2021



Scratch building Cars 6 May 26, 2021


Building a Basic EZ Truss Rod system – May 5, 2021



Scratch building an ore car – April 28, 2021



Scratch building MOW Tank Car – April 21, 2021



Kit-bashing a Simpson flat car kit into a gondola cars –  April 14, 2021



Building a supply work hoist car from scratch – March 17, 2021

Basic Cabin or Company House 2 –  March 10, 2021

Martin Breckbiel house #2

Martin Breckbiel house #3




Scratch building a Cabin or Company House –  March 3, 2021



Building a Shed with Scraps  – February 24, 2021



Jim Allen

Jim Allen is a long time O Scale 2-railer and collector. He is a Jack of all trades but a master of none! Lets go!